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Emirates Towers
United Arab Emirates




Modern women are rarely still. The richness of our lives means that we are masters of movement, journeying through our days at speed.

Baraboux’s Creative Director and Founder, Princess Reema Bandar Al Saud is a 21st Century adventurer; businesswoman, mother, campaigner and global citizen - one of a new breed of modern nomads who traverse the world living complex lives. Baraboux is her response to a need to be organised – to travel light and move in style. Our bags are carefully crafted and designed to serve as a toolbox for your life, to take you through your day with ease and grace.

Baraboux launched in 2013 and women the world over have been discovering our designs ever since.




The Reema is ingeniously designed in that it has two separate curved compartments so that it is sleek but capable of holding the paraphernalia of a busy life. Each clutch has a matching skin cuff which slides into place, closing the two compartments and creating a beautiful ellipse.

The Harrods collection sees Baraboux not only using crocodile, but also a new palette in jewel tones; rubies, sapphire, emerald and this season’s exquisite, sophisticated neutrals. Baraboux takes its place in Harrods’ luxury handbags department alongside the industry’s most iconic brands.





Baraboux Harrods Windows

Baraboux Reema Rainbow Concept

Baraboux Campaign Film


We are currently working on our website and on-line store. Please visit again soon for our exciting new site  |   +971 43 88 8381